Is 3D Metal Printing Right for Your Product

When using 3D printing, you have a variety of choices at your fingertips. You can opt for colored plastic, ceramic, sandstone, nylon, acrylic, crystal or any number of materials for your product, or you can use one of the most common bases for 3D printing: metal. 3D metal printing uses nickel, silver, gold, steel, aluminum, copper and even low-cost metallic alloys to produce an affordable, high-quality and durable product.

Think 3D metal printing may be right for your product idea? Here are some common uses for 3D metal printing:

Jewelry-Items like bracelets, necklaces, earrings and even detailed charms and trinkets are enhanced with 3D metal printing. You can also personalize and customize jewelry to give as gifts.
Home repairs-Make minor household repairs like replacing knobs, fixing hinges and swapping hardware by using a 3D printer and quality metallic materials. It will cost less than a professional handyman or ordering from the original manufacturer, plus you’ll benefit knowing you did it all yourself.
Car parts-Save on car repairs by making your own car parts and pieces. 3D metal printing allows you to create valves, handles, ducts and all items for any make or model without ever setting foot in a parts shop.
Artwork-Fill your home with beautiful, custom-designed artwork using 3D metal printing. Simply design your own sculpture, wall art or pottery, and send it off to the printer for production.
Computer repairs-Forget taking your computer or electronic into an expensive repair shop. Just create your own replacement wires, boards and circuits using 3D metal printing. It’s fast, easy and much more affordable than what a professional would charge.

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